About me

My name is Simone Bessa and I am a Brand Strategist. I graduated in BA Graphic Design in 2003, and I have been producing design work since. 


With a fast and competitive mind, I love changes and challenges. I discovered my biggest passion after I learned about Design Thinking and Brand Strategy. It was love at first sight. I learned how to be less passive about projects, and create work on a more meaningful way. With design thinking I am able to relieve my clients from the burden of art directing me, and my questions are now deeper, like why does your business exists and why should anyone care? 


I love deep research about meanings in life, people's personalities, life changing information and events. To me, brand strategy is the most perfect perfect combination between beauty and organization (graphic design) and a deep investigation of meaning and purpose. I could spend a whole day listening to my clients talking about what their business means to them and why. I have heard the most amazing stories, some goes back all the way to their childhood, and are related to a special moment in their lives.


When I am not diving deep into my clients amazing journeys, I love spending time with my family. My husband and my 2 children are the best part of my day.


I live my dream life in Santa Rosa, California. Our wine country is one of the most beautiful places I ever seen. Here, I fell in love with the community that surrounds us - where people are so eager to help, support, and encourage people to be better. This was even more obvious to me when we had wildfires destroying part of our town in 2017. The amount of love and help I saw was really touching. The warmth of the people was truly stronger than the shock and the devastation.


In my free time I love hiking, visiting National Parks, having barbecue by the beach, and road trips - my biggest dream is to drive across county on Route 66, listening to the best: Johnny Cash. And of course, wine tasting with friends always makes my day.


Let's talk. I will love to learn more about you too!

Sonoma County, my home.

Sonoma County, my home.